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Aug 10, 2018
I bought these to use on my AT M50X headphones, but didn’t end up liking them on my M50Xs, and switched them out for Dekoni sheepskin pads. However, I recently bought Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart Headphones, and switched the stock pads for these. Hey, I already had them! I really like the purple hearts, but with the stock pads my ears are on the drivers. These velour pads are a tiny bit loose but very usable. Ears off the drivers!
I was worried that these pads would change the sound, but if they do it’s not dramatic. I think I may loose a little bit of isolation but I also think I gain a slightly larger soundstage.
I know it’s Not the intended use for these pads, but I figured it’s always possible someone else is in the same situation!
Aug 10, 2018
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