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Apr 10, 2016
These are great sounding IEMs. It's too bad Phonak stopped making them. They are very clear, yet very musical. If anything, I'd prefer a little more weight in the mids, but these are among the best sounding IEMs I've heard. They sound great with the FiiO E12a and the Cypher Labs Picollo portable amps.
One thing that really annoyed me, though, is the way these are packaged. The earphones are mounted on a stiff paper card in the box to show them off. But they route the cables through some precut holes and channels in the paper, fold them down hard then wrap them underneath in order to hide them from the front. This results in some kinks and bends in the cable that you just can't straighten out. Doesn't look clean when you're wearing them with those kinks and bends. Very annoying.
Otherwise, a very fine sounding IEM that leans towards a clear and airy signature.
Apr 10, 2016
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