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Audio-Technica ATH-AWKT Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-AWKT Headphones

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Product Description
To make headphones with maximum musicality, engineers at Audio-Technica went straight to the source: the world’s finest musical instruments. There, they found the rare Japanese hardwood Kokutan (also called striped ebony) and used it to create housings for the ATH-AWKT Read More

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Apr 11, 2021
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End Game Closed Back for Wooden Lovers
Since no one else has reviewed yet, I'll drop some quick thoughts before the current drop expires. Fits right in with my love for wooden headphones. Show me an Audio Technica or JVC wooden selection and I'll be hard pressed to say no. I already had a pair of ATH-W5000 that I got on the cheap at the end of their life. Sound signature is very similar here, but AT made a number of improvements over the aging model:
  • Detachable cables which are compatible with other AT models. I'm using the cables that I purchased for my ATH-WP900.
  • Dropped the 3D wing which I always found bothersome with my eyeglasses. Replaced with a leather wrapped headband that does have the occasional creak.
  • Smaller overall footprint, mainly due to the new headband.
  • Comes in a wooden box instead of the case, I think I like the case better.
These are hardly portable, but with the move away from the 3D wing they are much smaller in size now. I walked around my yard the other day with them on and it wasn't awkward at all, but I'll normally switch over to a JVC wooden IEM if I'm moving about. If you have a pair of ATH-W5000, or anything in the AT wooden line for that matter, then this is your end game. Yes the price here isn't a huge discount, but you get a bunch of free Drop bucks and a manufacturer's warranty. You can probably old out for a deal in a decade when they replace them, until then close to MSRP is going to be the name of the game. Photos of my AT wooden family coming shortly.
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Apr 12, 2021
I feel like they are in the same ballpark. AWKT sounds better, but how much of that is the better seal/fit or the balanced cable that I'm using? Spec wise the drivers are similar if not the same, only difference it the impedance.
Jun 15, 2021
I have both, and they are very very similar. If you already have the W5000, there isn’t a huge upgrade or improvement with the AWKT. The AWKT is definitely better, but it is very slight and the average listener probably won’t be able to tell. Well recorded, mastered and engineered music is required, preferably with real acoustic instruments/voices. You can hear every detail of the audio track.
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