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Mar 20, 2019
OK, read comments on the A-T site, a tad disconcerting. Starters, pretty much anyone who has experience with the 50x wrote that the 50xBT is, well, bass-rich in contrast. Not as flat. Top end different too. Second, the hiss was a comment hard to miss. Might be a noisy amp. hmm... Maybe most concerning - what is up with the cable? Not the same as the regular? Can it, or can it not, be replaced ? My wired ATH-MSR7 were tight when I got them, a firm reshaping of the headband fixed that; comfort of the pads is ok. Transients don't match the Koss ESP, but at work, I have to have closed back. They suffice. If these aren't the equals of the ATH-M50x in the other departments, yeah, I'd just go with the wired version. YMMV
Mar 20, 2019
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