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Apr 11, 2019
So first set of Audio-Technica's I have owned to I cannot compare it to the origional m50x's. But I own a pair of 6xx's and dt 770's so I can compare them to other higher end cans. First thing I noticed was the sound quality over bluetooth is pretty rough. This is expected though so I was happy to see they came with a cable. As I feel I have become a little snobby about sounds quality and when I can I will use the cable. Where these headphones really stand out imo is in isolation and edm music. The highs and lows are well suited for edm and the mids while washed out were still there. When I listen to classic rock or classical these headphones show their weaknesses. Strings in general dont have the warmth to them that I have come to expect from my other headsets. The other thing that stoodout about them was the harshness of the highs. Even at low volumes the highs are harsh, that coupled with a tigher than I want fit they are not the most comfortable headphones. You may be saying that the headphones I am using to compare these are in a different league and I would agree but that is what I have to compare with. Do I regret this purchase, no. I think overall they are good for what I purchased them for (on the go). But I would not want them as my only headphone option.
Apr 11, 2019
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