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Apr 12, 2019
I just want to post something positive. Super happy. No hissing. Sound great. Work exactly as desired for my intendend usage. Buy replacement earpads. I did and they are super comfortable. I can't speak on the stock pads. I have an old pair of M35s with their TOO long straight cord that were great, but the ear pads were always uncomfortable after a few hours. As a daily Airpod user I can tell you that I have regularly reached up to tap my ear assuming that I have my Airpods in rather than some giant heavy headphones. They are big, but comfy and light. They are not super stable on your head. If you move aggressively they will shift. Period. The controls on the left is odd, but certainly not a deal killer. If you use iOS the app it will toss you into a firmware update. I'd go into your Bluetooth settings and FORGET the device prior to updating. I fell into an idiot loop that included multiple device listings that persisted until I forgot the device. Probably because I originally paired it without the app installed. Or because firmware updates are horrifying. Battery life is fucking insane. I rate the ATH-M50xBT 4 stars.
Apr 12, 2019
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