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Sep 23, 2014
So I got my A2+ today and overall, I'm very happy.
TL;DR: Pros: - Great clarity and detail. - Looks awesome. - Fits on my desk!
Cons: - Bass? What bass? - I don't notice a difference with the built-in DAC.
Quickie Review: I've been staring at these A2s since before the A2+s were even released, and I'm glad I finally bought a set.
My main requirements were good sound and compactness. I wanted speakers that fit on my desk, preferably under my main 27" monitor. There really isnt any space at all for full sized or even "compact" bookshelf speakers. To the left of my monitor there's space, but to the right is another monitor lol.
My previous setup was the Logitech Z-5300 5.1 system. "THX" certified and a couple hundred watts, not like either of those things really matter anymore lol. But they sounded good and I was always hesitant to replace them with anything that was short of a full home theater setup.
Good news is, these A2's definitely beat the satellites of the Z-5300s. I hear details that I couldn't hear before, and nothing sounds muddy.
The bass quantity is definitely lacking, but not the quality. I dont get the room shaking "boom" but again, I hear more detail that I could before in the low end. This doesnt bother me since I've actually integrated the A2's into my Z-5300 setup. The Z-5300 plugs into my soundcard's Front, Rear, and Center/Sub analog outputs. So I've kept the Rear and Center/Sub connected, but plugged the A2s into the Front output instead.
So now I still have surround sound and a subwoofer when I want it.
Now here comes another disappointing piece. Maybe its just me, but I dont notice a difference between my computer's sound card and the A2+'s DAC. I have both plugged in so I can switch back and forth from my computer's control panel. I notice no difference. Next up, I'll try hooking up the A2's to my Schiit Modi lol.
Overall, I'm happy.
Sep 23, 2014
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