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Jul 4, 2013
Some impressions...I'd like to echo everyone's statements about how great these are given their size. The clarity is really shocking, on vocals, strings, and reeds especially. Excellent stuff. Like all of these small speakers, they will distort at highish volumes, which given what the levels of your source (the file, the program, the sound card/DAC - in my case the Aune T1 with stock 6422EH), can happen at around 50% - you'll want to pull back on the levels of your source sometimes, in order to avoid distortion and get a li'l more out of these. If volume is not super-important to you, then hurray! These will floor you. I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep them or attempt to flip them at a small loss, but I'm glad I tried them out. Previously the only speakers this small I thought were really solid were my Altec Lansing ACS-48s, and those had the benefit of a 'sub' to help with the upper-bass and mids; these are more refined and less shrill (except when it comes to bass, I suppose). Adding a low-end sub, like maybe a Pioneer SW-8 or similar, could potentially round these out without sounding out of place, but you'd have to use a Y-splitter and extra RCA since there's no output on these whatsoever. And then, you'd want to do volume control on your source rather than your speakers, and attempt to match the levels on the A2s and your sub beforehand and keep them steady - so not ideal. Still...these things are slick, amazingly well-built, and a solid value if you need the space (especially at Massdrop prices). Otherwise getting a T-Amp and good set of bookshelves (Pioneer and Polk monitors go on sale all the time) at an equivalent price or less is a better bet. (I have a Lepai 2020 hooked up to two Energy Take satellites over my toilet, and that does very well, though I suspect it wouldn't compare so favorably to these, heh.)
Jul 4, 2013
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