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Feb 14, 2013
I'd be interested in a pair of DS1 Desktop stands (the black wedge pictured above). They're suitable for: * Audioengine A2 * Alesis M1Active 320 * Akai RPM3 ... and other similarly-sized monitors. details: image:

Product hype: "The DS1 Desktop Stands, made of high-performance silicone rubber, are designed for use with the Audioengine A2 speakers; they angle the speakers upward at approximately 15° and add 1-3/4" the the height (for 8" total). The DS1s can also be used with other small bookshelf style speakers and offer an easy solution to angle desktop speakers toward your ears." Retail for $29, which everyone agrees is outrageous for two cheap pieces of rubbery plastic, however perfectly sized & shaped. Would anyone like to join a massdrop for these?
Feb 14, 2013
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