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Oct 26, 2014
This thing has been a pleasant surprise. I got it in order to replace my work laptop's audio out, and it does that great. No hissing, and really made things sound better on my Yuin PK2's.
I do want to note though, this to me appears to be a "fun" dac/amp. That is, I feel like the lower frequencies are definitely more emphasized (if that is what "fun" means) and it doesn't really feel neutral. I can tell the sound is different from my Creative O2.
But not necessarily a bad thing, it's just different. "Friendly Fires" sounded great on it. For 110 bucks, considering it powers everything from my PK2's to my T1's (yes, I tried. They sounded alright. Not a match made in heaven, but fine), and considering this really ridiculous form factor, I'm really happy with it. It does get hot though. Hope it doesn't die at some point. Can't imagine how much crap is crammed into such a small space.
One complaint is it doesn't come with anything to interface with a smartphone. I ordered one of these off of Amazon, to hopefully do that:
According to Head-fi it seems like Android needs an additional app to interface with these amps.
And end mini review. TL;DR it's tiny and it works great.
Oct 26, 2014
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