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Jun 19, 2013
So, I think you guys should take a chill pill and realize exactly what's going on here and what's not going on here. - Massdrop gets votes for things you guys want to buy. It then contacts the manufacturer to work out a pricing structure that's beneficial. - Some times this works out as "if X number of buyers then %XX off the MSRP". Some times it's "%XX percent off for any number of buyers". - The buy in ends, people who've committed to purchasing a product are charged the amount stated on the group buy page. - Massdrop sends the total number of commits/purchases to the manufacturer. - The manufacturer either has the product in stock or has to produce more to meet the demand created by the group buy. In this case the manufacturer had 100+ on hand to ship out immediately. It now has to produce more. Both to meet the demand of this group buy and the demand of resellers around the world. - In this case, the manufacturer mails the products to Massdrop. Some times products can be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the group buyer. Aune either cannot or chose not to do this. - In this case, Aune is located in China. This is KEY here guys. If you've ever ordered anything off of eBay from China it took about two weeks right? This is not a single packet being sent. This is a shipment about the size of a pallet. China's customs has to clear this large number of boxes as not containing body parts, state secrets, ancient artifacts, counterfeit money or pleas for help from the outside world. This is out of the control of Massdrop. There is little to no information available from the point that Aune mails these things to the time they hit US soil. It is not a transparent process. - Also consider that Aune may have told Massdrop that they were shipping a certain number of products but Massdrop cannot confirm that number until they've actually received them. Massdrop can improve it's service by being more transparent about the exact state of things however, it's not like they're buying these things from a store in the US who will ship next day and offers UPS tracked 3 day shipping. I'm not happy about it. I want my amplifier yesterday just like the rest of you.
Jun 19, 2013
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