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Jun 25, 2013
Hey - part of the Massdrop business model is that we don't have any inventory (our role is to represent you guys and help you get the things you want). The upside of this is that since we have no storage costs, insurance, warehousing fees, etc, we're able to charge (much) lower prices. The downside is that shipping times are often longer. We have changes lined up that will work to reduce total shipping time in the future and the bigger we get, the better our time to final customer will be. Given Aune's slow and disappointing fulfillment of the first drop, I think it'd be best to wait until most people have received their T1s before launching another buy. We definitely do want to run a second drop, but want to make sure that everybody in this existing group gets taken care of before we move on to the next one. This'll also give us more info on how Aune works and will help make sure the next buy runs smoother.
Jun 25, 2013
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