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Jul 8, 2013
Hi Guys, the discussion has been a helpful read, especially the questions posed by RunTheJewels and the responses to them. Just to make sure I've understood everything properly, I'm going to post my questions and what I think the answers are, if someone could just confirm/reject, that'd be really appreciated! Can the T1 hookup to, and power, passive speakers? (Yes) To do so, the audio source must come from USB? (Yes) The RCA IN cannot be used for the RCA OUT? (Correct, it can be used only for headphone out) If I wanted to power passive speakers, with non-USB audio source, I should look to something like the Emotiva A-100? (Yes) I have passive speakers--they're leftovers from a 5.1 setup. It is too much trouble to run wires across my room to hook them up so I'm thinking of using them for a stereo setup in the bedroom. I'll want to play music from my phone (sometimes PC). I should get a desktop integrated tube amp like the Emotiva, right? Any upcoming drops on that?
Jul 8, 2013
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