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Feb 21, 2015
just want to say I bought into the drop back in late nov/early dec and received a defective unit Jan 7th-8th. I contacted Massdrop after speaking with the manufacture to access that it is indeed defective. MD sent me a return label to ship it back for review and they are now shipping me out another one. its two months since I've paid and the dropped ended I still dont have a working one. While they did take back the defective unit and are going to dispatch me hopefully a unit that works. This has got to be the most awful buying experience I've ever had. the savings I saved was definitely not worth my troubles and lack of use. This will be my last drop and unfortunately I will not be able to recommend it to any of my friends. Good luck to everyone and I hope me sharing my experience will let others know what may happen if your unlucky enough to receive a bad unit. PS My extra golden lion tube was also loose in the shipping box. fortunately it was not broken when I received it. the GL box however looked beatup because of the lack of care in packing. it would of fit inside the aune box since it was small and have been fine
Feb 21, 2015
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