Aurora Ipsilon Fountain Pen
Aurora Ipsilon Fountain Pen
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Italian for “dawn,” Aurora was founded in Turin at the end of the first World War. Nearly 100 years later, the company still occupies the same factory it was founded in. And while much has changed over the years, the quality of Aurora’s pens has not Read More

Jun 28, 2019
If the red and black versions are actually the Deluxe versions (it seems they are) with 14K gold nibs, $150 is not a bad price for them. Passing up on this drop for now, because I have a limited edition Ipsilon in the mail. But in case this drop ever returns with a blue Deluxe with gold trims, I will probably jump on it (provided I'm not sick of pens by then, or broke because of pens). However, (Mass)drop should consider using "Deluxe" in the title of this drop, because not seeing "Deluxe" while seeing "$189" does not a nice impression make.