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Apr 28, 2017
There are at least 5 rebrands of these sets out there, if you're looking on Ebay or Aliexpress keep an eye out for the ones with the extra 4 smiley caps. Out of all the Chinese backlit PBT sets (aside from gen 2 Vortex, which I haven't tried yet) these are the best. They're thicker than the others, though slightly less thick than my gen 1 Vortex or Papyrus Deck sets. The texture is virtually identical to either of those, perhaps very slightly smoother. The font is fairly simple, not too "G4m3r" and not unorthodox like my Papyrus Deck. The thickness of some of the lettering is a little inconsistent though. The double-shooting on the backlit legend is fairly even, much better than the gen 1 Vortex and slightly better than the Papyrus Deck, with no split characters. I only have a black set which has little to no backlight bleed, can't comment on the white or coloured sets. All in all, whilst I prefer my Papyrus Deck set for its thickness, and more opaque double shot legends which make them more legible without a backlight, these would be my second choice, and for those who can't stomach the Papyrus font this is probably the best set available (with the potential exception of the gen 2 Vortex)
Apr 28, 2017
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