Bestech 1708 Tercel Titanium Framelock w/ S35VN
Bestech 1708 Tercel Titanium Framelock w/ S35VN
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The Bestech 1708 is a full-size folder that pays equal respect to function and fashion. It features a 3.5-inch clip-point blade that’s suitable for detail work and tasks that require more power Read More

Oct 14, 2020
For any of you guys who has the Dolphin & Tercel: If you had to throw one of the two into Lake Michigan, never to be seen again, which would you throw and which would you keep? Also I have the Predator and I’m seriously impressed and it’s my current favorite knife. It is as smooth flipping as my best ZT’s and it looks awesome. I love the blade shape and it’s just a joy to use. So I’m ready to buy a second Bestech and need help deciding so if any of you folks have or have handled both, which is the better knife? Tercel or Dolphin?
Jan 28, 2020
Quite a discount on this one, ($192.00 , Blade HQ) really wish they had the black stonewash w/bronze handle.
Oct 24, 2019
IMO this design didn't "age" well. The knife industry is entering a phase similar to Fast Fashion, where manufacturers come up with different "unique" designs on almost monthly basis just to get an edge. Nothing wrong with steep competitions, it improve the industry as a whole, but coming up with new flavor of the same thing(titanium framelock flipper) gets old eventually. The fact that i feel like this design look very 2017 and that's old speaks a lot about current knives market. On the other hand we have timeless design like Sebenza/Umnumzaan/Paramilitary2/Griptilian that still looks classy even after 10-20 years...
Oct 21, 2019
I burned my $20 credit here and got something. Then I burned a $50 credit at KC and picked up Native 5 in CruWear. And then here this comes again with a great price. Too bad I'm too old to sell my body unless I die. I have a truck load of D2 Bestechs and they are great. I still want this one.
Jul 7, 2019
You guys are officially killing me now. Dropping the artisan cutlery, bestech, tops, and rike knives I have been eyeing for months all within the same week. And all at very reasonable prices.
Jul 7, 2019
A must have for those who like Bestech, who doesn't? I just purchased this knife from another source for $144 and out of the 6 other titanium Bestech knives in this price range this might be my favorite. I love the blade shape and cut out and the action couldn't be better, the milling on this model is exquisite. I purchased this color and like very much the light subdued stone washed effect they achieved. Bestech hit this one out of the park and I would venture to say this knife can go toe to toe with say any $250 ZT all day long so open your wallet and put your money down and get ready to be rewarded by this purchase. Yeah!!!!!
Mar 10, 2019
I do not agree at all. I have 3 bestechs, with the Predator as the nicest, and rate them absolute top quality, certainly on par with We. See video’s on youtube as well
Mar 8, 2019
I might have to vote on raising the debt ceiling for the Ti and S35VN knives. I have a fair number of them. I know! It's MD's fault. The DOA is in my pocket today.
Oct 17, 2018
why can't I find any information as to why their is a delay on the shipment of this knife?
Dec 10, 2018
its most likely because its shipped from china, and i'm almost certain they ship them in bulk from there so even if your order is ready some might not be so you would have to wait for those to. My brothers took about a month and a half
Sep 22, 2018
Selling for $190.00 plus elsewhere.... You can even flip this and make a profit. I am in.
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Nov 28, 2020