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Jun 30, 2018
Copying over from my review in the comments section, before reviews were a thing here. TL;DR version at the bottom
Lemme be super critical first : -This thing came soooooo oiled. Like dripping from the pivot, squeezing out between the scales and the liners....yet didn't run exactly smooth out of the box, felt gummy (i'll come back to that)
-free spinning pivot. If you're gonna make a D shaped pivot, WHY put it in a round hole? ESPECIALLY when you have a custom pivot that shows painfully obviously when it shifts?
-ceramic flexible plastic cages?
The only other ceramic bearings I have to compare to are from the Bestech Goblin...these are different.

The brass ones from the Goblin roll smooth between my fingers. The plastic ones... Eh, less so.
From a couple dozen flips before disassembly, you can see a little groove worn in both the blade and the scales, though nothing really deep enough to feel

Now onto the praise : -the grinding on the blade is flawless, right down to the edge. The bevel is even on both sides from heel to toe. Out of the box sharpness is one of the best I've had. Doesn't treetop hairs, but it does catch on them above skin level. Paper is no match for it.
-blade is perfectly centered
-the two piece g10 scales aren't 100% flush at the joints, but boy they're damn close -edges are eased in all the right places (especially the edge of the lock bar, which is very nice). ONLY thing I think they needed to chamfer that they didn't is the lanyard holes, those feel sharp enough to wear paracord over time.
-last, but not least, the action : this is the smoothest knife I own. After disassembly, cleaning, and re-lubing (Hoppe's No. 9), despite my concerns about the plastic cages for the bearings, it flips open every time, no misfires, and falls shut! If I could change anything about the action, I wish the detent was just a hair stronger. It's smooth as hell, but not as fast as some others I have here. Not the end of the world waiting another five hundredths of a second lol But, I can shake it open if I try hard enough, which can be a legal issue....of course, it's also a 4" blade, which makes carrying it an issue as well lol I think that covers everything LOL
TL;DR - after a standard tear down and reassembly, 100% happy with the look and feel of this knife. Would've paid retail if i saw it in a store. Knocked off the one star for the weak detent and the ability to easily shake the knife open
Jun 30, 2018
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