Bestech Fractal S35VN Frame Lock Knife
Bestech Fractal S35VN Frame Lock Knife
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Product Description
A fractal is a never-ending geometric pattern that reoccurs at many different scales. Often found in snowflakes and rocky, coastal outcrops, fractals are typically unique and aggressively angled shapes—not unlike this flipper from Bestech Read More

Jun 11, 2020
Any update on when this product will ship? Will we know prior to the 21-23 of June if we will get a refund or if this will be shipped out? No updates since the notice of “unexpected delays”. Come on Drop, you’re better than this.
May 22, 2020
My order was supposed to ship on the 21st and instead I got an email saying it could be delayed by over 30 days. My option is to cancel or just deal with it? Very poor business. I believe this will be my last order with Drop/Massdrop as I’ve had problems like this before and it messes with my paypal not to mention just the long shipping times even when nothing goes wrong. Congratulations, Drop, or whatever you call yourselves. You’ve lost a customer
Apr 22, 2020
i was gonna buy this but you sold out of the flamed bronze so quickly :(
Apr 23, 2020
Hey there should be another one available, I switched to the VDK instead.
I will try to get more of the flamed bronze for the next run. I'm looking at late May / early June.
Apr 21, 2020
Looks to be about $25 off the next best price I can find, interesting design, compound grind, spectrum ano, you know what I'm in