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Jul 8, 2018
Had this for about a 1.5yrs now and I absolutely love this little guy. Fits nicely on my keyring and is large enough to hold comfortably - something some of the small keyring type doohickeys can't say (Ilumn pen I'm looking at you!). The mechanism for popping it off the keyring has been flawless for me and just super convenient and easy to use. I bought the black version and it's gotten a great wear pattern/patina from use that I like - if you are looking for a non-wearing finish this isn't it, see the pic I included below.
Powerful light from a single AAA battery, perfect for seeing a door lock, finding your way to the outhouse, or peering into the bowels of your Miata's dashboard. I would definitely buy again without hesitation.
Here's a pic from a while ago:
Jul 8, 2018
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