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Jan 13, 2019
It should be noted that these are the least Beyer-esque headphones in their line. I've owned an unhealthy amount of Beyers over the years, and the Amiron is not relatable to anything Beyer has put out before. (Not out of the dozen or so I've listened to anyways.) The T90's which these were supposed to succeed have very little semblance in sound to the Amiron. That's not to say these aren't good, as people already noted, these are warm-sounding, detailed and fast for a dynamic driver and they are superbly comfortable with that great Beyer build quality. However imo, the Amiron was designed to appeal to a larger audience and those who despise the bright tuning Beyer is known for. If you love the Beyer-sound, and are looking for an upgrade to the old DT line, the DT1770 and DT1990 which uses the same drivers and are priced identically might the better options for you.
Jan 13, 2019
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