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Jan 28, 2017
Doesnt have the black grills like the Black DT880 premium chrome(not an option you can select in manufaktur options).
They need a version like chrome with black leather headband and option to black the chrome part(there is a black brushed metal finish but not matte paint)......... I wonder what costs more as a replacment part grill cups or leather headband likely the leather headband so the path to true blackout would be to buy this drop then order black painted grill from Beyerdynamic parts(which dont have the nameplates). The Headband on the manufaktur also has some metal tabs that the others dont and blacker connectors with screws you can see from the back. Are those metal tabs some kind of sizing lock mechanism(maybe its just the older version, my T90s have the headband like below so I dont know what the metal tabs are) ?

600 ohm is great for tube but a little high for most digital headphone amps as they start losing their precision that high; 250 is better and more compatible with more solid state amps, but the 600s have better specs(sharper transients, better square waves cleaner sound) and speed when driven properly but signal driving it from an amp near max load may be more blurry. Really if you like DT880s and tubes, but like the new superfidelity solid states as well you might have to get both in the long run. I would like to read a shootout between both ohm models on a Chord Hugo cause that is what would decide it for me. In the past I always stuck to the logic the 600 was superior and never considered the others but the Hugo is not an endless amp(its not an amp its a pulse array) and I love its god dac, but likely it has enough power for even 880 600s. Yeah it does 600s are the way to go for me.
Jan 28, 2017
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