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Sep 5, 2018
Personally I prefer the DT-990s, they're more detailed and less boomy, richer on the low end. I'm on set #2 of DT-990s 600 OHm as I've been using them for about 15 years now. They're also a little more comfy. The 650s feel upfront and more akin to the soundstage that many consumer styles try and fail to get whereas the DT-990s are designed produce lively performances.
Both are on the aggressive side of headphones. The treble tends to be the divider. I hate overly bright soundstages yet like love the DT-990s. I'd say the bass though without question, on the DT-990s is more detailed and richer for the focus on extreme low ends without over compensating lower mids like the HD-650s.
I'm in the minority but the DT-990s seem to have a cult around them, and I'm certainly a member. I don't like mixing on them as I tend to under mix things because of the liveliness but damn they are beautiful when it comes music and well suited to movies and games too.
Sep 5, 2018
Sep 8, 2018
I've never heard a DT990, but your 650 comparisons seem odd given what I've heard from them.
The 650 definitely doesn't do extreme low end. That much is true. However, the 650 is far from "boomy" in any capacity when driven well in my experience. It's got a bit of bloom maybe, leaving a bit of syrupy sweetness to the lower mids, but no hollow slop with a slow decay that I've heard far too many times, which I associate with the term "boomy" when it comes to bass. And I wouldn't say that bloom is the result of overcompensation, rather a tuning decision that plenty of things (some of which I really like) don't do in the same way. The 650's bottom end sounds great when fed quite a few things in my experience. I still prefer the bottom end on the planar drivers I've heard, but that's a different animal entirely.
I wouldn't really consider the 650 to be terribly aggressive either. The forward (lower) mids do lend the sound a more personal presentation, but it's a pretty relaxed sound overall to my ears. I think the 650 is a bit too slow to really be what I would call aggressive. The 990 was described to me as somewhat V shaped, whereas the 650 is a lot more mid heavy, so I could see how that would sound overly forward if you like the V tilt (not sure how significant that V was supposed to be). I won't really say anything about detail having never heard the Beyers, but the Senns definitely are no slouch there.
Of course, all of this could just be coming down to vocabulary differences, and we could be saying the same things in different words. That's a consistent annoyance of describing sounds.
Plenty of people like the 990 (seems like more now than back when I was starting out... the 880 was king back then) and there is surely reason for it. I'm not trying to push the 650 as the perfect thing for everybody, or steer anyone away from a 990, but the descriptions of the 650 seemed weird given what I've heard out of a 650. Either way, Beyer makes some good stuff, Senn makes some good stuff, and both paths are likely to put something nice on your head.
Sep 8, 2018
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