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Jun 19, 2015
So, I have received mine, and the box was labled as the 600ohm model. I thought "Cool they upgraded me on accident from the 250 to the 600." Listening to them on my work machine, (I got them at work so I just unboxed them and plugged them in about 10 min ago) I can't believe that they are 600ohm, in fact I am a little worried that they are not even 250ohm. My highest resistance cans are my HD598 so I expected these to be almost inaudable at 600ohm and very quiet at 250. Its not loud by any means, but with the volume maxed out I can listen somewhat comfortably (it sounds nothing like it should without my dac and amp, but I didn't expect this machine (I work in IT and Systems Administration when I am not taking classes at my University so I understand hardware and such) to be able to push these headphones, but I will say that I know next to nothing about onboard DACs so who knows, I will do more research when I get home. But either way something is wrong, most likely not a problem, but there is something weird going on. The only way I am complaining is if I got the 32 ohm version.
Jun 19, 2015
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