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Sep 15, 2015
All I can say is I have the Sennheiser PC360, actually 2 of them, last years version and the new version that came out this year. Both are really good units and I gave them to my boys. I heard the MMX300 and they are better, so I commited to buy these. If enough people join at the 279.99 level, these are a GREAT buy for that. At that price they are about $100 less than the Sennheiser 360's and are superior build and sound-wise. If you let them pass at the $279 price level, good luck as Beyerdynamic does not drop their pricing or give very many specials. I have the T1's and the T90's and all I can say is if you want a headset and headphones in 1 unit, and cannot afford to buy 2 separate items, it does not get any better than this at this price point and the value you get. So, 2 days left folks. If you let these get away at the $279..........big mistake and you will be sorry later. They may never come back at this price!
Sep 15, 2015
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