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Jul 31, 2014
Got them on Monday and have ran them 3 days straight.
Sad to say another disappointment - and I expected better from Beyer.
No treble, no sub bass, one-note boomy mid-bass that bleeds everywhere, congested midrange with barely any instrument separation.
Last IEM I got from Massdrop was HiSoundAudio BA100 and it was the opposite - clear and reaches deep, but zero mid-bass, I literally can't feel the drums. Plus balanced armature drivers broke in a single drop - at least these being dynamics will hopefully last longer.
Lesson of the day - get very, VERY well reviewed products that's universally loved rather than lesser known ones.
Reason I went for this is that I need the mic and play/pause button and most of the known good cheap IEMs (RE400, Yamaha EPH100 etc.) does not have them, so I took a bet on the good name of Beyerdynamics.
I was wrong, these sucked.... HARD.
Jul 31, 2014
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