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Dec 15, 2018
First thing I noticed after opening package was the great build quality, second - the comfort. IEMs fit well the shape of the ear and even after dozen of hours there still sits comfortably. Quality cable. Isolation is not very good even with a foam tips. Besides comfort there is a possibility to tune a bit sound signature with included filters.   BGVP DMG IEMs are very strong at soundstage (large, deep, accurate), instrument separation and... BASS, a fantastic well controlled, fast bass with a strong punch and deep reach. Mids are slightly recessed, but overall present and very detailed. No bleeding into mid from low or high frequencies. Highs have clarity and sparkle as expected from Knowles double balanced armature, sometimes on the edge of sounding sharp (less so with golden filters). Tonality I would call warm, a little bit less warm with silver filters (and a bit more forward upper mid as well). Overall I do not like U shaped sound signature, but not in this case. Fun and enjoyable BGVP DMG are here to stay - very detailed midrange fixes everything. I wish for one more filter to bring that quality mid forward a lot more than silver filter does. To finish they sound great in every genre I throw at them (rock, metal, jazz, classic) and are exceptional in EDM - the reason why I can’t get them back after borrowing to my friend.
Dec 15, 2018
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