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Feb 4, 2019
Mainstream bassy tuning with accentuated treble. The BGVP DMG is good for new audiophiles that are used to cheaper earbuds. It's also good for an audiophile that want something different and cheap to lug around. Build quality and fit are great at this price point. As for the sound, when I first received the BGVP DMG, I hated it. The vocals are recessed due to the boomy bass and sparkly treble. When I changed to the gold filter I finally liked the BGVP DMG. The treble was reduced and vocals were brought out more. The excitement only lasted a while and I moved on further through Chi-Fi hell At this price range, there are other options you should also consider: Tin Audio T2, T3 & P1 Moondrop Kanas Pro & KXXS BGVP DM6 & DM7 Sennheiser IE 40 Pro Nuarl NT01AX (bluetooth)
Feb 4, 2019
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