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Mar 28, 2019
Right after I received mine, I connected the pair to my Hiby R6. With the original cable and the neutral filters, the IEMs sounded too warm for me. Bass, a lot of bass, punchy, with good extension. Sound stage was big for a $100 pair while voice was a kind of recessed. After a little while I switched to my Linsoul 2.5mm MMCX cable and it changed the whole sound signature. The music came out of the pair became much clearer and more neutral, although still leaning to the warm side. Voice would not hid behind the bass any more, and you would better details. Overall the IEMs are well worth the number on the price tag. What you need for unleash the full potential of the IEMs are: 1. balanced cable; 2. a player with balanced output.
Mar 28, 2019
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