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Nov 10, 2015
Update on my test, a little disappointed to say the least.
1) Used the PowerLight until the low battery kicked in (light blinks and only operates on low power.
2) Charge it overnight with an inline USB power meter, put back 2.26Ah at 5.17V, or 11.7Wh.
3) Used the USB output to charge an iPad 2 (60% battery on the iPad) with power meter inline (0.93A drain at 5.04V - 4.7W drain).
4) Waited until PowerLight shut down due to low battery. Meter shows that it could only output 8Wh - compared that with the spec'd 16Wh. (btw, had to use the Sony power bank to power up the meter since the PowerLight wouldn't turn out the USB output with battery is low). All the quality power banks I've used (eg - Sony, genuine Xiaomi) have no problem outputting close to 90% of their rated Wh ratings.
- one more update -
Cycled the unit one more time, and I'm still getting the same Wh rating for output (8Wh). fwiw MassDrop quickly processed a RMA return (will have to wait for weeks or more if want a replacement unit).
If BioLite could modify the design so that the 18650 batteries are user replaceable (I'm surprised that GoalZero has started to do this with their latest products, btw), imo that would widen the appeal and usage quite a bit, especially since I can now guarantee that I'm putting in quality cells instead of some no-name-no-quality 18650.
Nov 10, 2015
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