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Sep 12, 2017
I'm a big BioLite fanboy and use their PowerLight (and pucks) as well as the PowerLight Mini regularly.
For those of you who do own the PowerLight and enjoy the warm white output, note that the PowerLight is a bright, harsh white light, which is VERY unfortunate. It also has a fairly decent red light output. As usual, the brightness of both can be controlled. And you can use it to charge your phone as well.
The unit is durable, plastic and steel. The clip can prop up the light or clip it to your pants (I use it for walking around at night or exploring dark areas while hiking). It can take a bit of water splashing but I would not submerge it. Battery is flat pack Li-Ions and last quite a while, I had mine packed in my bag for about six months and it still had full batteries when I pulled it out for use.
Biolite has a lifetime replacement policy on the rubber flaps on their ports, just e-mail them and they will send you replacements.
REI carries these lights, you can demo it and see how you like it before you commit if there's one near you.
Sep 12, 2017
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