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Sep 7, 2017
I have and use the 2016 Storm with 250 Lumens which is plenty for me. I like the green light for snowing conditions and feel all backcountry headlamps should have at least an IPX 67 rating such as the this 2017 model. The 2016 version has blue light but the blue light is an indicator light only. I like the red lamp for in shelter use and switched onto bright, when in camp with others around. Although the Green and Red produce the same intensity, the green looks much brighter as the eyes are more sensitive the green light frequencies. So if you get one, and the red does not seem as bright, understand that your headlamp is fine and your eyes are only human. I don't use the blinking feature much unless I am needing to conserve battery power. I use the 4 AAA Energizer lithium batteries for Winter and finge conditions and other makes of batteries for the warmer weather conditions. Another feature I like is the removable strap option so I can place this headlamp lower on my torso for longer night hiking shadows and less stumbling. And last but not least, the tap feature: Great idea and helpful to go from bright to dim and vice versa with just a tap of an index finger on the side of housing.
Concerns you may want to inquire about:
My biggest concern with my 2016 Storm is the detents around the tilt feature of the headlamp, so once it is adjusted, try not to bump it (as cycling of this feature may cause loosening of the mechanism). It is made of plastic so will inevitably wear out as friction rubbing plastic parts do. You may want to check with Black Diamond on this feature to see if the 2017 version is more robust, in that regard, or at a minimum, more resistant to being tilted accidentally and repeatedly. The last thing I would check on, is, if there has been any improvements on the degree of force necessary to open the housing in order to replace batteries. My 2016 version required a metal tool to get it open, and even with a tool, it was very difficult. There is no built in feature on the headlamp strap buckles that are designed in a way to open the battery housing clamp so hopefully, if need light and your batteries are shot, you have something that you know will work to open the housing.
Overall, this 4 battery headlamp should serve you well although, I think, generally speaking using two AA batteries will outperform 4 AAA's. I wish BD could design lights around the AA size or even better, a rechargeable 18650. The price for AA and AAA are generally the same.
Aside: I have not tried this yet, but found some AAA to AA battery holder converter adapters so, if I choose, I can use my USB AA battery charger to take AAA rechargeable batteries with me and forgo the expense of buying so many batteries (when night hiking is necessary or desirable). It can act also as an emergency cell phone charger to make a call or two (with a simple flick of a switch).
Sep 7, 2017
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