BlackRock Gear Wooly Beanie
BlackRock Gear Wooly Beanie
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Whether you’re hiking on a rainy day, camping in cold weather, or looking for some extra warmth while out on the town, the BlackRock Gear Wooly beanie has you covered. Made from New Zealand merino wool, it’s naturally antimicrobial and wicks away moisture to keep your head warm and dry Read More

Jun 8, 2019
Nice beanie. I got the paprika (orange) color, but it's more of a burnt orange, IMO, not as bright as pictured, FYI. If you're in between on sizing, I would suggest sizing up.
May 7, 2019
I wear a lightweight, 97% cotton x 3% spandex skull cap maybe 80% or better of my waking hours. The rest of the time, I wear cowboy hats (mostly when it's raining). I ride a motorcycle and my helmet is oversized to accommodate the skull cap, used sort of like a helmet liner, but the main reason I wear the cap is to keep my (long) hair behind my ears and out of my face. So here's what I need to know about this drop: 1) Is it stretchy? 2) If "yes" to #1, will it maintain it's stretchyness? 3) Is it "grippy" for lack of a better word? Like, will it stay on my head in high wind, or stay where I put it so that I don't have to constantly be tugging it back where I want it? 4) Will it lose it's stretch or grip with constant use? What effects do sun, rain or cold, or any combination thereof, have on it maintaining those traits? TIA for answering these questions. As it happens, my motorcycle is very nearly the exact blue color that is included in this drop. Would love to have one in that color as long as it will hold up under constant use. Let me know.
BlueTom, The Merino Wool we are using in the hats is stretchy, it maintains it's shape and the design of the hat is such that it stays glued to your head. Our hat design is now just over a year old and the Originals that I've got and been wearing are still just as good as on day one. So from what I can tell, the fabric is top notch and should last for many seasons. It's just a really nice fabric. It will wear over time for sure. Nothing lasts forever but I would really expect you to have this beanie for a number of good seasons of use. When you do wear it out you can always buy a new one ;) If one were to wear out too early we also stand by all of our products. We've been around for nearly 10 years now and we've always honored any and all gear we make. I find getting people a quality product that lasts and standing behind it makes for a loyal fan base. I'd hurry and jump on the blue color you want. Then get us a pic to post up of you with the hat on your motorcycle! We'd love to see that!
May 12, 2019
I appreciate the answers, but unfortunately, it looks like I waited too long to check back in. Only Medium is left in the blue color (not Navy, but like a "royal" blue). My head measures 23.5" so (at least) a Large is called for. Hope y'all will run this again soon, and I'll be sure to jump on it early. I've got time. Did 400 miles on the scooter yesterday in 89º temps and 90%+ humidity, and Summer ain't even here yet! Also got soaked to the bone in a 30-minute thunderstorm. Can't wait for Fall and Winter. I love cold weather riding, which means I ride alone most of the time, but don't mind that either. Here's a picture that you asked for BlackRock. Should be obvious why I need the bright blue...

You should only get on this drop if you make youtube videos from the cab of your duallie and wear sunglasses at all times.
Feb 28, 2019
need a pic of it being worn
Check out our Insta feed. We've got lots of lifestyle pics of people wearing the Woolies.
Feb 27, 2019
So measured according to the website at exactly 23", would a medium be too tight or a large to big?
You could fit either. I think the medium would be too snug, but if you want more of a skull cap go medium. If you want better coverage with a deeper fit the Large will be just about perfect.
Apr 5, 2019
Thanks! The large was perfect. I appreciate the note on the package!
Feb 26, 2019
BlackRock Gear was able to restock the styles that were previously sold out! Hope this allows a few more of you to snag this awesome beanie!
Feb 26, 2019
Why no black? 😞
Feb 26, 2019
You don't think it will look bad/faded with a darker black jacket? Thank you!
The Charcoal is a really nice color. It would definitely not be mistaken for a faded out black. As for whether it would match, elements of silver and black definitely compliment charcoal. Also, lighter more colorful pieces can differentiate the two similar shades, so maybe a nice blue T-Shirt with your Black Jacket and Charcoal Wooly. But generally Silver and Black go very nice with Charcoal, especially the beanie. But don't ask me for much more on fashion. I'm a T-Shirt and Jeans guy about 99% of the time... Thanks, Evan
Hey guys, I got an email this morning asking about the Woolies design and how to fit and wear it correctly. I think it would be helpful to outline how and why we designed the Wooly the way we did and make sense of our non-symmetrical design. Our goal was a deep form fitting beanie that gives you full coverage. To make that happen we needed to design something that fit the contours of your head. Not just the ubiquitous dome hat sold everywhere but something meant to actually fit a persons head. The hat image below shows the "back" of the hat. We place the headband seam to the left and offset it with our Label to the right. Both of which fall just behind your ears for a clean look. You can see the center seam that goes over your head and ends at our horizontal "accent" piece. That piece stretches and forms nicely to the back of your head keeping the hat snug and in place.
So if you grab the label in your right hand and pop the hat on with the label just behind your right ear the hat will be on straight. The top seam should line up in the center of your forehead and go straight over your head. From the right side you can see the label and how that horizontal piece can fold and roll taking up extra material should you size up. The headband is also wide and double thickness to add warmth where you want it and to keep most seams free from laying across your ear.
From the front of the hat you don't see much of anything but the headband and the center seam. This makes for a clean looking hat thats nice enough to wear out around town or on you weekend adventures.
Our other images of the hat rolled and folded give you a better sense of the weight and thickness of the fabric. This wool is currently 195gsm which makes it a nice mid-range thickness for wool. It's not the thinnest out there, but it's also not a thick sweatshirt thickness. We think these Woolies are the perfect all around hat when it's just not cold enough for our Original Goose Down BlackRock Hat.
Hope that give you guys a bit more info. Looks like we've sold over 100 already in this drop. So we are over half way sold out. Jump on this drop down if you like any of the colors available. We also have the rest of our colors available on but not at the great MassDrop sale price!
Feb 23, 2019
It seems like this item was reviewed in the past. Any explanation why this review has been removed?
No idea man. I try to follow the drops every time they happen including reviews. We've got a bunch of reviews all over the place. For the price though I really don't think you can beat it. The Wooly is made from a simply gorgeous Merino Wool. It's not a blend, just full 100% merino. It's a deep fitting beanie and is just a great weight for high activity or just hanging around. So many colors too. If you need a new hat then this is a great time to get one. Thanks, Evan
Oct 29, 2018
Aghhhhh! I'm so mad at myself that I missed this drop! I thought I still had time, I even clicked "remind me" but never got a darned email about it. Nuts.
Sorry PC. We planned for around 100 pieces for the drop and even bumped it up to nearly 125 during the sale but I didn't order anymore fabric than that. We never sell what we don't have in the shop so the drop was limited. The material is ultra pricey too and we are a small shop so sometimes we only make what we can afford to buy. It also ships direct from New Zealand where they actually make the Merino Wool. You guys should check out all the colors we've got for the wooly on our site and see what you'd like us to try and get up for another drop.
Feb 25, 2019
It’s happening again!
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