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Apr 23, 2016
If you're looking for a review I made one of the camera here:

Looking through a couple of the comments:
Meh Video Quality The video quality is rather low for a $350. It has to accommodate the internet live streaming features. You can downgrade the firmware to the older version in order to increase the quality somewhat. Low light sensitivity is quite good because of the Sony Exmor sensor.
Amazing video quality is only essential if you want a higher chance of capturing license plates after a hit and run. Otherwise it's just to prove liability for your insurance company.
-- Heat Resistance: Reliability problems have mostly been fixed I rarely see any complaints. However, it's only rated for 60°C/140°F, more heat resistant cameras go up to 70°C. If you're only using it while driving there shouldn't be problems. If you're recording while parked (windows up, AC off) it'll probably die sooner.
There is always a chance that your camera has electronic problems and dies sooner than later.
-- SD Cards: I would buy your own. The one they included is good, yes. Uses MLC for better reliability. For better value and performance, I would use either Sandisk's or Transcend's High Endurance line which are specifically made for the constant writing in dash cameras.
Avoid Sandisk's Ultra line. Write controller isn't optimized well for dash cam use and causes the card to fail early.
Some people think it's a not very good camera. I think it does a good job in combining a lot of important qualities: Sexy, easy to install, great audible notifications, in a small and discreet package.
Apr 23, 2016
Apr 24, 2016
Thanks, I watched it. Definitely not worth the $279.99 price point for the poor quality. I expect better for this price point.
Apr 24, 2016
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