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Apr 24, 2014
I do not understand the plug and play questions.
The unit like the 500, does plug into a cigarette adapter, which is convenient if your ignition switches this source on and off.
Now if you wish to use the park feature which monitors the outside while the vehicle is park you must use a non switched outlet, or an always powered outlet.
Now the problem with doing this is that you can drain your battery dry while in the parking mode.
Now the optional $30 unit will attach to your battery, and switched ignition, and a third wire being ground.
By adding this option your unit will operate as normal with ignition, and will now also record when car is parked with ignition off, and will stop recording if battery drops below selectable option of battery voltage, which is usually 12 volts.
Please feel free to correct me if wrong, however I have been informed that the power cord and Mount are the same for the front camera in the 500 or 550 series, I however might be wrong or so my wife always tells me.
Apr 24, 2014
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