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Dec 17, 2016
I will not order from massdrop again, and not because of the shipping time. Group buys are extremely difficult to setup, and extra time is completely within reason. What is not within reason, is waiting until 7:50 pm pst to provide an update to people whos' money you have. This is an avoidance tactic, used by people too inexperienced in customer service.
It it is hard for people to accept that somebody else has their money without having their product, the length of group buys only makes this worse. The only way to lessen the anxiety is constant communication, and waiting until after business hours to provide that, after you have missed your estimate is unacceptable.
While I'm sure their heart is in the right place, it seems clear that Massdrop is an inexperienced company that seems to lack the skills necessary to run the type of business they operate.
Dec 17, 2016
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