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Nov 1, 2017
If you've asked for 220/240, then the chances are very high that Massdrop has asked for how they can make 220/240 happen. If Massdrop is not offering 220/240 that more than likely means that BONAVITA doesn't want to sell them at a discount. The 110 goes on sale all the time EVERYWHERE. Not so with 220/240, which is likely why they allow Massdrop to sell the 110 at a (very similar to Amazon becase BONAVITA forces that hand) discount. Massdrop cannot organize a drop that a vendor (in this case Bonavita) doesn't FIRST WANT. IME with vendors the only way that they would EVER allow a product that they are resistant to sell at a discount is to PROVE that there is enough demand (here's the catch) for it to be worth it to BONAVITA. This is a hairy situation because only a portion of the people wanting it will actually buy it if it were available. Even if they communicate their BEST 110 drop numbers and their growth trajectory (which tbf could be their 1st drop was best and everything after has not been as good) toward their BEST 110 drop it may not satisfy Bonavita (and probably hasn't). A potentially productive strategy for getting good deals on here is to find things that 1) are sold by the manufacturer (IE: Not Bonavita because they are a vendor who contracts a manufacturer to make their product) 2) newly on sale FOR THE FIRST TIME and try to get Massdrop to reach out for a drop ASAP or 3) the company ONLY has their own ecomm or brick&mortar channels to sell their product. Companies that sell through many channels have LOTS of options and Massdrop comparatively is a drop in the retail bucket. Being rude about not getting what you want is broadcasting one's ignorance to the process in a way that is so bratty and self involved that I just can't. Not knowing how the process works is fine, its not exactly general knowledge but JFC don't be a child.
TL;DR - re: 220/240v - Bonavita most likely does NOT want to sell them at a discount, which gives Massdrop very few options. The main one being Massdrop can pester them until Bonavita either a) caves so Massdrop will shut up or b) stops answering Massdrop's calls/emails which is the most likely outcome of this strategy. I am IN NO WAY suggesting for anyone to STOP ASKING because that volume of comments is ammo for Massdrop. ASK A LOT and I would suggest even reaching out to Bonavita yourself saying "Hey we really want this available to Massdrop" and FFS don't be a BABY. You aren't entitled to a deal because you left a comment on a group buy site and/or sent an email NO MATTER how much Massdrop wants to give you what you want.
re: Bad discount - A good rule of thumb is that if you see something on sale on Amazon frequently, you PROBABLY WON'T (still possible, just unlikely) get MUCH better of a deal than that.
ALL THAT BEING SAID - This thing rules, and I bought it on Massdrop at a meh discount and waited for a longer time because I like many other things they offer and want them to continue offering OTHER good products at a discount. It never quite hits 212F (Never goes above 211F) but, hey. Good enough.
Nov 1, 2017
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