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Nov 5, 2016
I decided to go with my own color pattern to match my Danger Zone keyboard. Sadly, none of the color patterns available here were a fit. I will be gutting the inner fibers of this paracord, and sleeving it over a USB cable. I'll attach one end of the cable to a solderable end, and likely leave the other end stock. I'll have to see what's available for ends, before I decide whether to cut off the USB A or USB Mini end.
Honestly though... More color options. I'd have considered buying if there had been anything remotely suitable for me.
Consider as a guideline, an attempt to make available color options that match the colors of major keycap sets that have sold here in the past year or so (or ones that have sold very well). That alone will possibly net you major interest, above and beyond what people probably are already showing now.
Nov 5, 2016
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