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Feb 3, 2017
Got the M100s, Well built, but that's really the only positive I can find. The mic is not very sensitive, I had to hold it very close to my mouth to get acceptable sound when making phone calls. Head-Fi has described the sound as overly warm, but I would describe them as muffled. To use the technical terminology, the sound is pretty crap. The mids and highs are not clear. The low-end is not bad, but again, muffled sounding. I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore audiophile at all, but even for me, they're just not good enough. I found myself switching back to the stock samsung earbuds for a more balanced sound, even though the low end is definitely better on the Brainwavz. Nowhere near good enough for the $90 msrp, and there are probably better options even at $25.
Not to mention the delays and lack of communication on this drop; I would definitely not call this one a winner.
Feb 3, 2017
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