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Feb 11, 2017
I got my S0 today (also with additional fee for the mailman on 49,99$ because an invoice was missing) and tried it out. I do not like them at all. The bass is too strong and unclear, mids are way to silent as well as the highs. The cable is too short for my taste and also it does not handle well. The soft foam eartips are basically useless. The tripple tip is very good as the overall variety of tips. Also nice is the hardcase and clip, and the ability to change songs with the remote... but I expected a better balanced sound, as they are IEMs. Compared to the HifiMAN RE-00 they are really shit in my opinion. But I will use the tripple tip for my RE-00. But I actually only joined the drop for the chance of getting some good stuff on top.
Feb 11, 2017
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