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Apr 28, 2017
I got the S5s and am using the Centrance Dacport slim. (Bit of a massdrop addiction here.)
Initial impressions were lack-luster compared to my other on-ear and circumaurial headsets. I've never really head a good set of IEMs, so it took a bit to adjust my perception.
Audio seemed to sound recorded. Like you are listening to it through directional speakers (yes I know how dumb this sounds). There is crisp detail unlike other headphones I've heard. Certain songs you could hear an instrument appear in the track instead of come into the track, like starting a song in the middle instead of starting at the beginning. What this actually means is that the engineer didn't properly mix in the guitar track with different noise levels. Can't hear it with other headphones, but it was there with the S5. Good? Bad? I dunno, but it's different. Complex tracks had me picking out when the players were moving their hands along the instruments.
Soundstage seemed higher, like my head was at ground-level and it wrapped downward from there. Again, this may just be a side-effect of having IEMs.
My only complaint would be the bass. I don't like bumping music, but appreciate good drum smacks. On songs where I wanted to hear those hits, it was anemic. I'll keep poking at them, they sound great, but i'm not convinced they will become my daily set at work (as much as I'd like to not have the AKG 553 taking up desk space). I'm also not using the comply tips yet, so maybe something will change there.
Apr 28, 2017
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