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Aug 12, 2015
Thanks to members for pointing out that the timing of this drop happens to directly coincide with Brainwavz' current pre-order run of the Jive, which drops the normal price of $28 down to $22.50. Of course, this is a temporary promotion that is only available for a short time.
But even so, in light of this (because we believe a Massdrop Blue Box should provide you a value equal to or greater than that of each of the individual product), we're going to take a slight hit on domestic shipping within the U.S. and eat part of the cost on that first unit, so that at "worst" you'll get a pair of Jives that are priced equally to the current market, but you have all of the upswing of potentially receiving the other products in the Blue Box.
Unfortunately, international shipping is more expensive just at cost, but I'd like to extend the same value to our global members in concept. We'll subsidize each international shipment by the same $1.45 value we're providing US members, so it reduces the original $9.95 cost to $8.50. Hopefully, everyone finds this an agreeable solution.
Aug 12, 2015
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