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Sep 23, 2015
Well, I got my S0's last Friday and I am quite disappointed by the way they sound, and they feel extremely cheap. I would never have considered buying these at MSRP. This may make some people cringe, or maybe agree because the other models are better, but these sound terrible. Worse than the EarPods, even. Muddy as hell, tried both local and streaming music on the iPhone. One thing I do appreciate is what comes in the box, nice hard shell case, replacements galore and a little clip that can come in handy. My main disappointment when I opened the box was to see how plasticky they are. They look flimsy and totally non-premium. I consider a $50 in ear pair to be on high end (go away 200-300 rangers, that's just a ridiculous amount of money to spend on an ear wax collectingdevice, give it to charity instead, you'll be better off).
Last but definitely not least, Massdrop's service was excellent as usual.
Sep 23, 2015
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