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Aug 15, 2016
Just received my Brainwavz XF-200's today.
And I must say... straight out of the box these are scary good. I am comparing these to my long time favorites for everyday use, the sennheiser cx 3.00's. Which I originally bought for $90 back in the day. (much cheaper less than $65)
I like my bass. But the music I listen to also contains a lot of high end as well which was the reason for my original in-ear headphone choice of the sennheisers. Nice bass, ok highs.
However, these headphones are unbelievable. - they are significantly louder in terms of volume. - Bass is scarily similar in terms of levels when compared with the cx 3.00's. - The high end has much better clarity when compared with the cx 3.00's. - Build quality is not quite as good in my opinion, but hey..... $25 is much less than $90.
Interested to see how long they last and how they burn in. But I think I may have a new favorite in ear headphone.
Aug 15, 2016
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