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Jul 9, 2015
I received these headphone last week and found this product disappointing.
I have similar headphones from Ebay ( which cost less than $4 when I bought them.
The difference in sound quality between the two is NIL. What is the sound quality you ask ? .. despicable and unbearable.
What was more dissapointing was the fact that MassDrop refuse to accept returns. Whatever excuses they gave me .. at the end of the day... they decided to sell me $4 headphones for $30 without any regards to the quality of the product or customer satisfaction.
Yes.. this tells me something about Massdrop. It's not about the $30 that I lost.. it's about Moral principles of commerce which Massdrop has completely absolved itself from.
Yesterday my buddy was narrowing on some Nikon lenses from this portal. I made him listen to these headphones and then told him how Massdrop has no concept of responsibility. Needless to say he paid $20 more and bought it from Amazon.
I am not promoting Amazon or any other companies here.. I am simply saying "MassDrop lacks character".
Jul 9, 2015
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