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Oct 2, 2013
Would jump on this if I didn't have one already. <br />For high impedance headphone, an example. BT's DT880 (600ohms) would benefit from this if user is on a budget. <br />I have tested the DT880 (gf owns it) on NuForce Icon HDP DAC, also tried it on Fiio E17 (despite its a portable DAC) and this amp. I would have to say this little Amplifier does great magic to my ears. <br />I connected straight to my built-in soundcard on the mb, upped the Audio Format to 24bits and 192Khz (Studio Quality) in the settings. Sounds great despite my sound card not being the best device to test with.<br />(Please Note: I'm not a hardcore Audiophile, just commenting based on what i have to compare to.)<br /><br />I myself have and use frequently a HD650 and is in process of combo'ing it with the recent Massdrop of the Bottlehead Crack Tube Amp.
Oct 2, 2013
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