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Nov 6, 2013
I got the V2 from the previous drop. This V3 is the exact same thing on the amp circuit, it just has an added EQ. I must say, bravo has outdone themselves with these. Freaking wonderful for the price. Very cool design (lights up with blue and red lights too!).
At the maximum drop price, the V2 was about 50$. At the maximum drop price for the V3, it is very close to the V2 price. You can't find this amp brand new anywhere for the prices MD is offering on the lowest price drop.
If you are new to amping, or want to try a tube amp (keep in mind this is a hybrid amp, so its tube and solid state), you have to get this thing. It is one of the best purchases I've made on MD. You will not be disappointed!
Nov 6, 2013
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