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Oct 26, 2015
I have horrible EMI interference with these units. I had had the V1 once upon a time, and it got sent back for the same issue. I have tried repositioning unit numerous times, and to an extent, it works, but cannot eliminate noises completely. I have laptop (MSTA SSD, no magnetic/mecanical drives) connected optically to DAC, which goes to this amp, then out to headphones; all of which is on a conditioned power supply. My phone, I have to keep at least 3 feet away! I'm using coiled chord for headphones, which extends the positioning range of this unit, but still I cannot find a spot where it is noise free. Now, when I use phone as source, and laptop is off - no noise; so the unit is good. It is just in combination with certain equipment that I get serious interference. It is something you should consider if your equipment or area is prone to static/EMI. They sell an (ugly) shielded version for around $100. Based on my past experience, that is the one I should have got...
Oct 26, 2015
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