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Jan 9, 2016
Just got mine 1-8-2015 and ... Wow! I realize in theory a tube amp, even a very modest one like this t-with one tube (a very nice EH 6922) should get better some hours in but so far, so good. I was a bot worried by some of the reviews that these HD amps were noisy , had shielding issues and even some build quality concerns ... and that the reliability and longevity could be an issue but after three hours of listening to some of my hi res FLAC files I am hearing some very nice details with that unmistakable tube warmth I was looking for. Back in the day I owned a Macintosh Tube pre and separate amplifier and that was heaven. Two kids both in college now needless to say I don't have them or the bank account to spend that way right now. As I said above, so far, I am enjoying this little HD amp. I'll update if I need to (should things go wrong or get even better). Any recommendations on a DAC that offers the same type of bang for the buck as this V3?
Jan 9, 2016
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