Subaru BRZ STI Rear Bumper Aprons
Subaru BRZ STI Rear Bumper Aprons
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Race Inspired

STI (Subaru Tecnica International) is Subaru's racing division and creates a wide spectrum of racing cars and products. They range from the legendary World Rally Championship (WRC) race cars to race inspired parts available to the public. The STI Rear Aprons for the BRZ are the second STI offering to the Massdrop community.

Poised Beauty

The aprons are made of impact resistant plastic that attach to the sides of the rear bumper and were developed through wind tunnel testing while keeping both design aesthetics and performance in mind.

"You can have any colour as long as it's black." - Henry Ford

The aprons comes painted in semi-gloss black to complement any BRZ undercarriage. Installation is straight-forward and all the necessary hardware is included to make your BRZ give you the authentic JDM look that will separate you from the rest of the pack.


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